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Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.
July 1st UT
(Best viewing for us is the evening of June 30th EDT)

  KSC Star Party

The Brevard Astronomical Society is a group of amateur astronomers in Brevard County, Florida. We are affiliated with the Melbourne Astronomical Society, and we are loosely affiliated with the Kennedy Space Center Amateur Astronomers and have several KSCAA members in our Society. Some of us are beginners, learning to find bright planets and major constellations. Others possess extensive knowledge from years of experience studying the universe. Some of us make casual observations with our unaided eyes or small binoculars, guided by simple star charts or a planisphere. Others use the latest high-resolution charts, computer-driven equipment, multiple large telescopes, and giant binoculars. One of our members writes a weekly astronomy column in our local newspaper. Click on video above to learn more about the Brevard Astronomical Society.


Full Moon
July 2nd


July 14th
NASA's New Horizons mission will make its closest approach to the Pluto system
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July 15th 11:36am
Rocket Launch: Atlas V | Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF-10

Brevard Astronomical Society monthly meeting

July 15th
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New Moon
July 16th

Eau Gallie Public Library  
Star Party
September 14th, 2015
(More information coming soon)

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Alcon 2015

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